AIGRE S.A. is a vinegar production company located in Pyrgos, Ilia, Greece, founded in 2008. The production facilities were completed in 2014 when the vinegar production operation became active. The company possesses a state-of-the-art production facility where all categories and qualities of vinegar products we offer are produced. It also has an office building housing all of its administrative services.

Production Process & Method

Vinegar is the drink produced through the fermentation of ethanol (alcohol) from wine over a significant period, without the addition of sugar, with the assistance of acetic bacteria.

AIGRE S.A. uses the German method of aerobic fermentation.

Each vinegar is prepared according to specific customer requirements by selecting the available raw materials.

Rapid or submerged fermentation is employed. A 316 stainless steel container equipped with a stirrer at the bottom is used to introduce forced air. The air mixes with the wine and bacteria.

The bacteria work rapidly and float in their main element, wine alcohol, in the presence of a stable amount of oxygen. At the end of the transformation, the product is drained, leaving a small quantity inside for the next production batch.

Any processing is constantly monitored and managed by specialized and experienced personnel to produce top-quality vinegar and ensure that the result aligns with the company’s reputation.


For the immediate service of our customers and to ensure the quality of our goods, we use the fleet of vehicles of CHOLEVAS A.H. S.A.

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