AIGRE S.A. is a vinegar company in Pyrgos Ilias, which was founded in 2008. The production facilities were completed in 2014, when the vinegar production became active. The company provides a state-of-the-art production building, where all the categories and grades of our vinegar are produced. It also has an office building that houses all of the company’s administrative services. Through a network of partners it enhance the promotion of its products in the world market by expanding its export activity. Through extensive research using the most sophisticated machinery in the field of vinegar making as well as through strategic partnerships with qualified professionals, our products are promoted in the global market.

Based on the exclusive use of Greek raw materials, we aim to create innovative products and special flavors. Red wine vinegar, white wine and alcohol vinegar.

Mr. Cholevas Anastasios ,
who is the owner of the
 company Aigre S.A. ,also owns a
Transportation company CHOLEVAS A.X. S.A.
 Taking everything into consideration 
Mr. A. Cholevas
can accomplish every delivery 
regarding to his products.


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