Vinegar is the drink produced by fermentation of the ethanol (alcohol) of wine, after a long period of time, without the addition of sugar, with the help of acetic bacteria.
AIGRE S.A. uses the following method.Submerged or rapid fermentation method: where the oxobacteria are immersed in the liquid to be fermented. Rapid or submerged fermentation. A 316 stainless steel tank is used, equipped with a whirlpool at the bottom to let in the forced air. The air is mixed with wine and bacteria. The bacteria work quickly and are suspended in their main element, wine alcohol, in the presence of a constant amount of oxygen.

At the end of the transformation, the product is shaken, leaving a small amount inside for the next production batch. The product is then sold to producers of preserves and sauces. Each vinegar is prepared according to specific customer requirements by selecting the available raw material in order to obtain vinegars with different characteristics and strengths. Any processing is constantly monitored and managed by qualified and experienced staff to produce a top quality vinegar and ultimately to check that the result is in line with the company’s reputation.



For the immediate service of our customers and the assurance of the quality of our goods we use the vehicle fleet of HOLEVAS A.X.A.E.
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